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All clips and video’s are the 1950’s to now. If you choose to hire the Wurlitzer you may select your own preference.
Rowe AMI CD 51

Is a versatile jukebox for hire at any kind of party. With continual turning CD'S on display it appeals to all ages. The visual display of CD covers and songs makes for easy choosing. With it stylish design and quality sound this jukebox comes at a reasonable hire price. Rowe AMI has been producing jukeboxes since 1927 and have an excellent history of design, reliability and sound.

Disco ball



Sound activated lighting




With the availability of adding a disco ball and sound activated lighting to enhance the party this will make the night an event to be remembered for years to come. Even John Travolta didn’t think his dancing would become such a phenomenon !!!

When you hire the Karaoke Jukebox two microphones and an amplifier are also included in the package, Sing until you drop!!

Wurlitzer (cd one more time)

The classic original jukebox produced in 1946. This has been the image captured on thousands of advertising material all over the world. In 1985 Wurlitzer reproduced this jukebox in vinyl (record) and in 1998 was released in cd format. This jukebox is a must to hire for that special occasion, be it back to the 60's Rock N Roll era or weddings & engagements.The Wurlitzer carousel holds 50 cd's and comes with a remote control. Instant clearance of music programmed in is available on this jukebox. With it's revolving rainbow coloured lights and bubbling oil it creates a special focal point and conversation piece at any party.

Our Jukeboxes are original Wurlitzers not imitations.

Ipswich Jukebox Hire show the Wurlitzer
and passion for Jukeboxs as seen on the
ABC Collectors


The new 80cm LED HD Screen


Video/Karaoke Jukebox
A great selection of 2000 video/karaoke film clips that appear on the large screen.

So easy to use.

The new 80cm LED HD TV is mounted on top of the jukebox, this also includes two microphones with stands and a PA system which completes the package. Updating the music every month as well as the classic songs dating from the 60's to the current hits makes this a great jukebox to hire.

A complete entertainment system.

Jukebox Repairs Available

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Jukebox Repairs

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